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Getting Ski-Fit in Ireland – a guide.

Have you ever had it? You know? That burn in your thighs and that cramp in your calves? Well most snowboarders have, and believe me, it isn’t that pleasant. We look forward to our snowboard holiday all year, and at the end of the first day, all we want to do is put our feet up, gorge on...

Monopod for GoPro HD

Taking interesting skiing videos is (surprisingly) harder than we first thought. Just strapping a camera to your head, your snowboard or just attaching it to your chest will only get you so far. These types of mounts may get you great shots, but getting a shot that will include some...

Seshbar : A Review

Seshbar is the latest Irish sports power bar. Currently these bars are available in Chocolate & Peanut flavour, and they are very tasty indeed. We recently ordered a few bars to test them, and we were happily impressed with the quality of their product.

3 Backpacks for skiing

Since I’ve started skiing I’ve developed my own way of dealing with carrying things with me through out the day. As a snowboarder I don’t like carrying things in my jacket or pants pockets. On a deep powder day, you know you will simply forget to zip one up after you are...

Columbia 1 piece fleece

Here is a really cute 1-ze for kids. This Columbia one piece fleece (Little D™ Fleece Bunting) will make sure your young baby will be both warm and fashionable (and cute) on the piste. Dress him/her up as a dinosaur, complete with spikes on the hood. The hands feature velcro on the...

Picking a Jacket for Skiing

Read out tips that you should consider when it comes to picking a skiing jacket. Ski jackets can be expensive, but are likely to last you 3 more seasons. So picking the right one will certainly pay off in the long run.