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Great Outdoors Sale 2011

Great Outdoors in Dublin have a sale on this weekend, it might be worth your time to check out their sale and to see what they have on offer. From their promo email it looks like the do have some bargains.

Throw snowballs 45m

A new & exciting ways to throw snowballs further and more accurately. This device enables you to throw snowballs up to 150 feet ! The curved basket helps you aim your snowball while it gathers speed along the curve.

BerrySki a Blackberry app for skiers

Manoj from BerrySki asked me to do a review of their product, namely a new BlackBerry app for skiers. BerrySki offers you the possibility to download maps of the ski resort pistes in Europe or USA / Canada, and tied in with GPS functionality of your BlackBerry you will be able to see...

End of season Skicare

Tips for waxing and removing rust from your snowboard / skis. By performing some basic care at the end of the season you will ensure that your ski equipment will be in the best condition in the coming season.

What do you do with ski poles ?

A regular question in our skiing forum is the one about ski poles. People want to know what they are used for and how do you know a good pair from a bad pair. Whether you are renting poles on your holiday, or you want to buy some, our tips below should give you a better understanding of...

Transcend Ski Goggles

If you are looking for the Christmas or birthday present for your hard core skiing and snowboarding friend then look no further! Here we have from Transcend the ultimate pair of skiing goggles. Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments have come together to offer this amazing piece of skiing kit...