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Learning to ski

Read our tips on skiing, and let gravity do the rest ! It may seem daunting learn how to ski, I'm sure we all remember how we got on learning to cycle. It certainly can be more daunting as an adult, but don't despair you won't be the only adult on the slopes learning.

Outdoors Ireland Relaunched

With all the news of the general election coming in March, and the state of the Irish economy, we needed to find some happy news this Friday. So a few minutes ago there was a nice bit of news on twitter today, from Outdoors Ireland ( that they have launched their...

Tiroler Gröstl

Guide to eating on the slopes

Remember to eat enough while skiing. Here are our top tips for eating while on the slopes. From Tiroler Gröstl to Schinken Käse Toast you'll find something out there to keep you full through out the day.

Skiing Terms

A little post about the language or lingo used on skiing slopes. Knowing this will help you feel like a real ski pro !

The “warm” iPhone app

The perfect iPhone app for keeping you warm on the slopes. This iPhone application will run your phone as hot as possible, so that it will keep you hands warm.