9. Ski Helmets for Kids

There has been a new law introduced to Austria this week, stating that all kids under the age of 14 are required to wear a skiing helmet when on the ski slopes. There are obvious dangers while skiing, and head injuries are one of the most common. It is predicted that in Austria alone there […]

10. Lively Skiing Resorts

Again and again people ask us here at skiing.ie about what resorts have the best night life and good aprés ski. One important part of a skiing holiday for many skiers is the party afterwards. With a mixture of bad pop music (have you ever heard Austrian pop ?) and traditional songs mixed in with […]

13. Skiing Injuries Discussed

Most people won’t enjoy talking about this topic, but hopefully these tips will prepare you in case you have an accident on the mountain side. Every year many people injure themselves on the piste, but it should not be something to put you off your holiday. Granted, skiing and snowboard can be dangerous sports, but […]