Getting to Skiwelt by train

SkiWelt / Wilder Kaiser, the largest ski resort in Austria, has over 250km of downhill slopes, and is a destination for many many Irish skiers every year. The Skiwelt resort touches many villages in the general Brixental area, here is the a list of the resorts you can visit during your week at SkiWelt :

  • Brixen im Thale
  • Ellmau
  • Going
  • Hopfgarten-Kelchsau
  • Itter
  • Scheffau
  • Soell
  • Westendorf

View across Ski Welt

Recently Skiwelt – Wilderkaiser has been joined to Kitzbuhel / Kirchberg mountains via a gonadal in Westendorf.  To ski in both areas you will need to get a special lift ticket, named the “Kitzbuehler Alpen” pass. So if you are interested in skiing great distances, and every day a new area, then this is the resort for you. There are also busses (free with your ski pass) that will bring you between the different resorts.

Getting to Skiwelt by train

Skiwelt is reachable by train via Wörgl. The local train stops at Hopfgarten im Brixental Berglift, Westendorf in Tirol & Brixen im Thale. One further stop along the line, is Kirchberg, which will bring you as far as Kirchberg / Kitzbuhel. If you are looking to get to Söll (7km), Itter (5km), Ellmau (16.5km) you can get a taxi or a bus from Wörgl Süd-Bruckhäusl. So in essence you can get to Ski Welt rather cheaply from Innsbruck Airport (INN), Salzburg airport (SZG), Munich airport (MUC) & Memmingen (FMM) rather easily.
The advantage of taking the train is that the transfer cost is significantly lower, and travelling in large groups isn’t such an issue. For buying train tickets you can search on for trains starting / ending in Germany or for Austrian trains. If you are travelling from Munich to Skiwelt, you can book your entire ticket on Train times should be around 2.5 hours from Salzburg & Munich, and slightly less for Innsbruck. Journey times: when taking the trains your journey time are similar enough to driving in a car, considering that traffic can cause delays during the weekend. So hiring a car could possible work, but it would certainly work out more expensive.

Travelling to Ski welt with the Bayern Ticket

If you are flying into Memmingen or Munich, you can get all the way to Kufstein on a special group ticket called the Bayernkarte (Baveria Ticket). This ticket is valid on the trains to get you to Munich city from the airports, and will bring you across the border to Austria. This ticket costs €29.00 for up to 5 people, you can purchase it here or at all train stations. To continue your travel from Kufstein to Westendorf in Tirol, it will cost you €7.20 one way (via This means that you can get 5 people from either airport to Westendorf for €13 each. When you consider that a transfer would cost €80-€100 per person the savings here are considerable. Trains tend to run every hour or every 2 hours, so there are a number of connections per day that you could possibly take.

Sadly this is the information that ski companies or hotels won’t tell you, as they will often try to sell you their transfer products.

Flying from Ireland

There are direct flights from Dublin & Cork to Munich airport with Aer Lingus, and Ryanair flies into Memmingen (also called Munich West) & Salzburg from Dublin. There might be some other charter flights that fly into Innsbruck, which is an amazing airport to fly into, due to the fact that there are Alps on sides of the plane as you land.

Cheap Ski trip in Austria

So it’s possible to get to Ski welt rather easily and cheaply, and depending on the flight prices and times, you could use it as a destination for a cheap, short 2nd yearly ski trip. If you are flexible about your flight times, you could possibly spend a night or two in Munich or Salzburg and continue on to Ski Welt. For getting accommodation we recommend contacting the local tourism offices. They will provide you phone numbers and websites of local B&B’s (so called Pensions).

Do you have any tips for getting to ski resorts in Austria, Italy or France for reasonable prices ?

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