Fun in the snow

Here is something strange we spotted on the BBC website yesterday.
Apparently too much snow can close a resort.

Spotted today in Munich, was this McDonalds cup cooling off in the snow. It says “Enjoy the cool”.
Who thought this would be possible ? We have seen dogs snowboarding before. But this has taken it to the next level.
Why facemasks are important, that’s for sure !

This one is titled “Convincing my housemate we are snowed in”snowed-in

Top speed downhill – Johan Clarey

Over the weekend at the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup 2012 / 2013 in Wengen Lauberhorn a new speed record was set for the downhill. Johan Clarey (Fra) sets up a speed record of 161,9 km/h (100,6 mph). Watch the video of his run here.

How to do grinds on skis

We read this interesting article over the weekend about how to do grinds. The big tip is that you shouldn’t look at your skis, rather you should look at the end of the rail.

What to do when the buses are cancelled

A video from Bournemouth, UK showing how people cope when the buses are cancelled and they can’t get around.

Do a pizza !

A little girl gets a little out of control on the slopes, her father is heard here shouting some advice.

Knee Deep

We kept our favorite for last, here is a GoPro on a stick snowboard video, from Axamer Lizum in Austria. These guys are knee deep in some fresh powder.

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