German snowboarder burns cash to keep warm

Here is an interesting story about a German guy, Dominik Podolsky, from Munich, who was snowboarding in Austria. [bbc news]. Poor Dominik, was stuck on a chair lift for 6 hours, dangling 10 metres above the ground. He mistakenly took a chair lift down after a days snowboarding. While he was in transit down, the chair lift closed for the night, and he was left hanging there for 6 hours. The ski operator said that that particular chair lift wasn’t designed to be taken down the slope, and there were warning signs to say the same.

Dominik used his survival knowledge from his military service to keep himself warm, and he started to burn items to attract attention, like receipts and business cards. What finally worked for him, was when he burned some cash. He had €120 in his pocket and used that to get the attention of the slope cleaning crews. With temperatures at night reaching down to -18C Dominik was quite lucky to be found.

We bet it was the best €120 he ever spent ! If he had an iPhone he could have used this iPhone skiing app to keep himself warm.

3 thoughts on “German snowboarder burns cash to keep warm

  1. We talked about this very scenario on a recent trip.
    One of the group said he’d jump (to death or broken limbs at least), another said he’d try and climb up and shimmy along the wire to the next pylon and another said he’d use his ski with the wire between the bindings and slide to the pylon.
    None of the escape plans sounded very convincing but I’m sure they wouldn’t have used their euro’s to make a fire. They’d be to concern about missing the drink & craic at the apré ski bars.

    Glad to hear he got down safely with no James Bond heroics, just a little lighter in the pocket.

  2. Hi Fran, I don’t think I would have thought about burning things, but then again I don’t smoke so I wouldn’t normally have a lighter on me. I guess smokers have a better chance of survival in this case 😉

    As for what to do. I think I would have probably jumped after an hour or so, and did one of those James Bond rolls that the parachute guys do. When it gets dark on the mountain, your chances of being found are quite low. One thing I do wonder is what were the poor chaps friends thinking or doing about him not returning ?

  3. What I would do is, use the flame of the lighter to attract attention and when I got down tell the lift company i burn’t 500 Euro so they will refund it to me. I am sure im not the first person to think of this.

    Anyway what was he doing on the mountain, on his own when he can’t ride back down? But I think the media has made a mountain out of a mole hill with this story. And who doesn’t have a phone nowadays.

    And its unseasonable warm in Austria right now, Temp has not been near (even with windchill ) -18 in atleast a week if not longer hence the lack of snow.

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