Welcome to Skiing.IE

We’ve just kicked off the site and we are still trying to bring it all together. It’s our aim that sometime in the future that Skiing.ie will be the best place to find information on Skiing for Irish people. Sadly Skiing in Ireland isn’t really that easy, with our highest mountain Carrauntuohill being just 1,038 metres (3,406 feet) high. There is a dry slope in Kilternan, Co. Dublin, but it still isn’t enough for us. Our aim is to provide you with the best details on how you can escape Ireland and get to the real mountains (with snow you can ski on). There are also some dry slopes available in Northern Ireland.

Help us Grow

There is a number of different ways you can contribute to the site.

  • Visit and join in the discussions on our forums [here].
  • Offer to write some news or articles about skiing. Use our contact form [here] to get in touch if you are a budding write and would like some articles published.
  • Tell your friends about us. The more people who visit the better. It’s estimated that 60,000 people from Ireland go on a ski holiday annually, so don’t be afraid to tell people we exist.

We hope that this site will grow and grow and it will have a strong community of people contributing to it. If you have any great skiing photographs, please send them along and we will add them to our gallery.

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  1. nice design, I’m an avid skier and I look forward to checking back here over the next few weeks when I am trying to book my holiday to the snow !

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