Ireland to reach -20°C this winter with 2 months of snow

An interesting, but unidentified newspaper clipping has come across our desk this morning, via twitter. The story says that temperatures should reach as low as -20C this winter, and there could even be 2 months of snow.

Now we’re not 100% sure that it’s really going to happen, but we know that the skiers and snowboarders out there would welcome any snow with open arms. In the last few years we’ve had some significant dumps in Ireland, see this thread on the forum about the snow in Kilternan back in May of 2009. It was like a winter wonderland.

For your ease we have transcribed the text in the article here, as it’s not available online to read.

Ireland will shiver through a colder-than-normal winter with “significant” snow and bone-chilling -12°C TO -20°C temperatures, forecasters warned last night.
They also said there would be increased transport disruption this winter and a higher chance of a white Christmas in 2012.

Met Eireann does not issue long-range forecasts and Britain’s Met Office has scrapped its seasonal outlooks after blunders.

But British Weather Services, which issues Irish weather forecasts for Irish insurers, transport firms and bookmakers Paddy Power, expects a bitter December and January.

A white Christmas — like those in 2009 and 2010 — has a better chance than usual this year due to blocking high pressure cutting off milder Atlantic air, said the BWS.

Weathermen dashed hopes of a repeat of last year’s mild winter, which saw a balmy 14°C Christmas Day.

BWS senior meteorologist Jim Dale said: “We’re forecasting a colder than average period from mid-November to late January for Ireland, with significant snow at times.

“It won’t be surprising to see minimum temperatures fall to -10°C to -12°C and there will be disruption.

“Road users will need to be very aware of snow hazards.”
Dale added: “There’s a better than average chance of a white Christmas in Ireland this year as the coldest part will be early rather than late in winter, with February expected to see milder Atlantic-influenced conditions.”

Irish snow

Now we are more of the wait and see type of people, but news like this does make us excited. The weather can’t really be accurately predicted so far in advance, in fact most models break down after looking more than 3 days into the future. This is due to the whole chaotic nature of the weather. Hopefully the weather does come, and we also hope that the county councils have enough salt and grit to make sure that our roads are safe. One thing is for sure, we certainly have a bit to go before we have the record snow in Japan last year.

Winter tips

One word of advice, don’t let yourself be surprised if the snow does come, remember to stock up on salt and grit, and make sure you have a sleigh ready for the kids !

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