Irish Ski Team at the 2010 Winter Olympics

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver have finally started. Yesterday there was speed skating (short & long track), ladies freestyle skiing (moguls) and Mens Luge, Womens Ice Hockey, Ski Jumping and the biathlon. But sadly none of the Irish athletes were in these events. The Olympic Council of Ireland [] has kindly published a schedule off the Irish ski team. From the looks of it things won’t start until tomorrow Monday 15h of February for the Irish Ski Team. The first competitor will be PJ Barron competing in the Men’s 15KM Cross Country Skiing.

Irish Ski Team Schedule

  • Monday 15th : PJ Barron : Cross Country
  • Thursday 18th : Pat Shannon : Men’s Skeleton Bobsleigh
  • Friday 19th : Pat Shannon : Men’s Skeleton Bobsleigh
  • Saturday 20th : Kirsty McGarry : Super G
  • Tuesday 23rd : Aoife Hoey & Claire Bergin  : Women’s Bobsleigh:
  • Wednesday 24rd : Aoife Hoey & Claire Bergin  : Women’s Bobsleigh
  • Wednesday 24rd : Kirsty McGarry : Giant Slalom
  • Friday 26th : Kirsty McGarry : Women’s Alpine Slalom
  • Saturday 27th : Shane O’Connor Men’s Alpine Slalom

The full schedule is available here.
We would like to wish all the Irish Olympians all the best in the competition, and our fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for you in your events !

The Irish Ski Team, isn’t without its controversy, Irish Athlete Paul Griffin who had qualified for cross-country skiing lost his place to PJ Barron, more on rté sport.

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9 thoughts on “Irish Ski Team at the 2010 Winter Olympics

  1. Great info here, thanks for this. I was wondering when our lads and girls were competing, thanks. This is also the first I heard about the Paul Griffin / PJ Barron story. Personally I don’t think it’s really fair. I wonder if there is anymore to the story, it didn’t say as to why both lads couldn’t go.

  2. Interesting article Rob, thanks for posting it. I do think that its not quite in the Olympic spirit that people “selectively” become Irish just so they compete. I do feel for Paul Griffin for being in this situation.

  3. Well it looks like PJ came 91st in his run, not that impressive. I wonder would Paul have done better ?

  4. What are the criteria to qualify as an Irish citizen for the Nordic ski jump??
    Any info or advice would be helpful.

  5. Thanks for the response Paul. I have a son that is an Irish citizen as I am from Galway. We live in Park City Utah and he may be interested in going for it as a Nordic jumper. The main question I have is whether the standards required for an Irish National are different to that of a US national, i.e. can one qualify under the B class as opposed to the A class ? I have read something about this but it is not entirely clear to me. Also it would be entirely self funded and we would not require sponsorship via the Irish Olympic council.
    I would appreciate any advice you may have. My email at is the best way to get in touch with me directly.
    Best Regards,

  6. Hi Doug,
    If your son has an Irish passport then I think you will be okay, but obviously check with the Olympic Council of Ireland

    I don’t think the criterion is the same as the US, as you have different levels of citizenship, i.e. Greencard, which is something different in Ireland.


  7. Paul
    Thanks for the quick reply. My big question is not so much if he is an Irish citizen as he has an Irish passport etc. It relates more to the athletic demands required from each athlete. Specifically is it easier to gain the qualifying requirements as an Irish national as opposed to a US national that may already have an athlete that qualifies under the A standard ??
    Thanks again,

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