Learning to ski in Ireland

With a big smile on our face we are able to tell you about a new and fantastic way to learn how to ski in Ireland. Previoulsy the option was the outdoor dry artificial slope in Kilternan but now there is an indoor option. It works on a slighly different principle, this time the floor / carpet moves from underneath you, and you use gravity to move or fall down the slope.This “endless ski slope” covers an area of 50sqm and is constantly moving backwards. At the front is a mirror where you can look at yourself and concentrate on your technique.   While in Kilternan it is an artifical slope, that has very little resistance. 

The Ski Centre is located in Sandyford, Dublin and they offer lessons and rental of the slope for skiers and snowboarders. As far as we can see, you will be supervised by a qualified instructor at all times. 

One of the benefits of such a system is that the is now downtime waiting for a drag lift to bring you back to the top of the  piste. Classes which last an hour, have up to 6 pupils in them. The pupils, in two groups of 3 alternate on the slope, so to give people a rest during the hour long session. 

Ski Centre Prices

The prices range from €55/hour for an adult class or €540 for a booking of 12 classes, while childrens classes range from €35/hour to €344 for a booking of 12 classes. They also offer discounts for seniors (over 55) and a yearly membership

Ski Centre Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday 9am – 10pm
  • Saturday 8am – 6pm
  • Sunday & Bank Holidays 9am – 6pm

The ski centre can be contacted via phone on (01) 29 30 588 or via email  info@skicentre.ie

More videos can be seen here.


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8 thoughts on “Learning to ski in Ireland

  1. Was up their last week as part of a group who are heading to Meribele. We are mix of seasoned skiiers and beginners. The instruction was great. The beginners were getting the hang of if in no time. The more experienced skiiers were a bit frustrated at the start but the slopes are unforgiving and it really helped us ironing out some bad habits we had built up over the years. The tuition was excellent, small classes of 3 people with plenty of attention given to everyone. Worth checking out.

  2. Very expensive for what you get. €55 for 20 mins, not an hour, which is about €3 per min. Basically if they have 6 people in the hour class they break the class in two so you have a five minute lesson, sit down for five minutes while the other group are taught, then you get another five minutes and finally 10 mins at the end. I felt I learnt very little in the 20 mins.

  3. my mates and i were in the ski centre a couple of weeks ago. Some of us skied and a couple did the snowboarding. we found it a brilliant laugh. The instructors were great and unlike the lessons when we were away there was only 3 of us with the instructor so we weren’t hangin around for people to be picked up of the ground. The 3 lots of 10mins took it out of us over the hour and after a couple of lessons (we are all beginners) when we got to the snow on holidays we were flyin. It;s a brilliant place and I’d defo recommend it.

  4. Hi, i love it…..But i’m living far away from Ireland, where can i try this magic carpet?

  5. All the family went down to the Ski Centre (October 2011). Brilliant. All parallel skiing now. Kids flying. Bought family membership and ski for €15 per hour. Started with 30 mins… In the hour 10 mins on 10 offx3. Now doing 15 min runs x2 each run =15k run… Definitely recommend. John

  6. How can they say this is an hour lesson when they divide your group into two and then you spend half the time waiting around for your turn. Class size should be only what they can accomodate on the slope
    at one time otherwise you are paying for a half hour of wasted time and for this it is very expensive.

  7. A fair point Mick, thanks for taking the time to do a quick review.

    Do you that you probably couldn’t ski for an hour non-stop on the slope anyway, especially if you are a beginner, due to fatigue, or do you think it’s not as intense ? How much slope time to you think you get in the hour ?

  8. Paul in reply to your answer.
    regardless of how intense a session is, or my fitness/skill
    level if I am paying for an hour I should be able to use the
    slope for that time i.e. have access to it for that hour and
    not have to wait for another group to take a break.

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