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The nice guys at have updated the site’s colours and look a little. So far the main news section and the links section have been updated to reflect the new template. The look incorporates the Irish colours, which I love, and also has the blue to reflect a snow scene. In the coming days the forum will reflect the look of these other two parts of the site. I must say I am very happy with the logo.

skiing logo

Our new ‘tag’ line is “Skiing is for Everyone !” which hopefully will get across the message that skiing is affordable (compared with sun holidays) and is not just for the under 35’s. It is our aim to raise the profile of skiing and ski holidays from Ireland as much as possible. Our forum has many interesting topics currently running like:

To post on the forum you will need a user account, but these are completely free so don’t worry ! Click here to sign up for an account. I’ve been looking at the site statistics and I see that we are now getting over 60 visitors per day to the site, so keep spreading the work about ! Well that is basically the news from us at the moment, it’s time we got back to thinking where we will head in December. Thanks for reading.

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