Quiet Skiing Resorts

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If you are thinking of going skiing but you want to avoid the crowds, below is a list from The Guardian . They’ve picked their top 10 quiet resorts. These are places where you won’t be queuing at the lifts for too long. If you want to avoid the crowds and or the embarrassment of people seeing you falling around the place then maybe you should check out this list.

There are many reasons for wanting to go a a quiet resort, maybe aprés ski is not for you, or you are travelling with young kids. Quiet ski resorts may also be the best way to learn how to ski, as there will be less people to worry about zooming past you and making you loose your balance, or knocking into you. Granted they are not for everyone, but enough people do ask us what are the more quieter locations.

Top 10 Quiet Ski Locations

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  1. Alta, Utah, USA
  2. Big Sky, Montana, USA
  3. Cortina, Italy, Europe
  4. Fernie, British Columbia, Canada
  5. Grand Targhee, Wyoming, USA
  6. Kamchatka, Siberia, Russia
  7. Le Pré, France, Europe
  8. Leogang, Austria, Europe
  9. Monterosa Ski, Italy, Europe
  10. Ushuaia, Argentina, South America

Relaxing Skiing

If you are looking for a skiing holiday, and partying is not a thing for you, then you should see if you can get to any of these resorts, and I’m sure you will come home to rainy Ireland relaxed. One quieter slopes you can enjoy the pistes a little more because you don’t have to take of anyone else. On snowboarding it is sometimes nice to do big wide sweeping turns, rather than just to race down the mountain side.

This is part of the reason why people do off piste skiing, is to get away from people, but at these locations you won’t have to. You can enjoy the groomed pistes while not having to see that many people !

Hopefully this list of recommend quiet resorts will help if you are this type of skier.

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  1. I’ve been to Fernie in BC and it was great. I can recommend it for anyone who has a family. Nice article !

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