The “warm” iPhone app

For those of you who ski and have an iPhone, here is a great iPhone app for you. This app, the Pocket Heatapp, basically turns your phone into overdrive and makes it run at 100% of CPU power, which in turn generates some heat for your hands in your pocket. While it may seem incredible simple or stupid, we have had reports that it actually works (although it’s not a replacement for a good pair of gloves !).

Obviously the down side to this is that it will drain your battery before you have a chance to finish your mornings skiing lesson. But for those of you who need some quick heat for your hands it might just do the trick. This app also gets bonus points for having a rather retro feel to it, with the old style heating element graphic. iphone-app
You can buy this app here on the iTunes store.
We are always on the look out for some skiing iPhone apps so if you have any please let us know !