Skiing with a Young Family

You want to go skiing with your spouse, but you’ve got young children – how can you make this work? Here are a few tips!

  • Take turns watching the kids. You can split it up one day each, or morning/afternoon, however you prefer. If your children are too young to start skiing, this is the best way.
  • Take your kids to ski school if they are old enough. Even when 3 or 4 years old, kids can start learning to ski. My parents taught me themselves when I was that age. But if you’re not up for teaching your kids on your own, or your skills aren’t good enough yet, you could have a few hours of skiing alone with your spouse while your kids are in class.
  • Bring sack lunches: sandwiches, chips, cookies, drinks, etc. Most ski areas have cubbies or lockers where you can store a lunch sack or small cooler during the day, and special bring-your-own cafeteria areas. You’ll save a pile of cash compared with buying your family a €40-50 meal every day at lunch. Plus you’ll get to sample some great foreign meats and cheeses if you are traveling abroad!
  • Read‘s article about staying warm . This is especially important for kids! Once they get cold, they will be miserable. Then you are going to be miserable, and the only solution is to take them home, ending your day of skiing. So make sure they stay toasty and dry!
  • Find activities for the downtime between skiing sessions. Even if your kids are old enough to ski, that only fills up 6-8h of the day. Bachelor life was great, going out to eat and party every night. But you’ll want to bring games or toys for your kids in the evening. Find a fun activity like a heated pool/spa area if you want a rest day from skiing.
  • Keep a pocket full of snacks. Your kids are going to get hungry fast from all the energy it takes to keep warm out on the slopes. You can avoid them getting cranky by having some granola bars, dextrose squares, or chocolates in your pocket. One thing to remember, your pocket will be cold. Don’t bring candy that will get very hard when cold. Jelly beans, caramel cubes, and even some chewy granola bars may be difficult to bite into when out on the pistes.

With these tips, your family should be ready to head to the mountains and have a great vacation. Keep your kids warm, well-fed, and busy, and they will be asking you “when are we going skiing again?” Then instead of wondering when you’ll get your skis on snow again, you’ll spend next summer planning another fun family vacation!