End of season Skicare

Now that the season has almost ended (except in Scotland 😉 ) it’s time to think about putting your skis & snowboard away to make sure that they are in good condition for next year. During the off season your should keep your ski equipment in a dry location to make sure that the the edges don’t oxidise and start to rust. So what should you do to your skis at the end of the season ?

Ski Clamp Care

It’s also a good idea to turn down the release clamps on your skis. This will reduce the stress on them and will extend their lifespan. It is also possible for cables, overtime, to become looser, due to the constant pressure on the cables. So releasing your clamps will make sure that the same DIN settings will be exactly the same as last season.

Removing visible rust

When you are storing your skis or snowboard, it is advisable that you check for rust around the edges. Little spots of rust can be taken off with a rubber, while more serious spots can be removed with a brillo pad or steel wool. By removing the rust you will stop or slowdown the rusting process. Left untreated it can get significantly worse and eventually cause serious damage to your skiing equipment.

Further edge care

If you are feeling adventurous you can consider buying an edge tool, like the one below.

This tool is particularly good at smoothing edges, and  removing those nasty burrs that occur with general ski use. Burrs are little dents in the metal edge that can be sharp to touch. If these are not removed they will develop and start to get more pronounced. One thing to remember with the edge tool is that this should only be used in rare occasions as you can realistically only use it a dozen times on a ski or snowboard edge.
The edge tool ensures that you can make those turns as best possible as your edges will be sharp and straight.

Summer Waxing

More than likely you won’t need to bring your skis / snowboard in for a tuning. But you should consider putting a protective coating of wax on your skis / snowboard. A big thick layer of wax will protect your board from potential problems with moisture. For this summer waxing, don’t worry about scraping / smoothing it into the board, just apply and store your ski equipment away. Then at the start of the next season you can scrape the excess wax away, and you should be ready to go and hit the slopes !

Ski Storage

While storing your skis in a bag is probably the neatest option, but possibly not the best one. Storing your skis in a bag increases the risk of rust. These wet and damp bags will cause your board to rust, and over a few months this can cause some serious damage. We recommend you store your board on a rack out in the air and to give it a dusting every few months to make sure it looks in top condition.

With these few ski equipment tips your skis and snowboard should be in top top shape and ready for the start or the next season. Taking care of your ski equipment at the end of the season, while a bit of work, should ensure that they have a maximum lifespan.