Giro Combyn soft helmet

The latest in helmet technology has just been announced from Giro ( with the unvailing of their first ‘soft helmet’, Combyn. Using new materials, like high density foam and flexible plastics, they made a ski helmet that is designed to take both high and low impacts while maintaining the helmet integrity. With traditional helmets, once you get a big bang, you are likely to crack it, and will need to replace it. With the Combyn you will be able to reuse it, as it’s less likely to shatter and break. Giro have even offered that you can send your helmet back to them for free to test the helmet integrity after you’ve had a knock.


Combyn Helmet

This is how flexible the helmet is.
If you have an irregular shaped head this might be the thing for you. The helmet will probably cost around $120 and will be available in shops from August, for the 2013-2014 season.

One thing to remember about helmets, is that they can only attempt to prevent skull fractures, they won’t protect you from concussions.

via gizmodo, via gear junkie