Northface Boots – Ballard – review

We just got our hands on some new Northface Ballard 6″ boots and we must say we are in love. These are a perfect snow boot to keep your feet warm & dry in the cold weather. Finding the perfect snow boot can be tough, but we are more than happy with our purchase. At €190 they are not cheap, but the classic design will always look good, and with the quality of the product we’re sure you will be using them for years to come.

They are sold as a cross between a hiking boot and a work boot, which we guess is correct, but they are a whole lot more comfortable than what you’d expect from either type of shoe. The laces are rugged, and even come with a spare pair (brown), and the lace holes are supposed to be rust proof, let’s see how that one can be tested. They have a lining all the way to the top of the boot to ensure maximum warmth and tongue is gusseted (attached to the inside of the shoe). Because of the thickness of the sole your feet will be out of most of the wet you will encounter on the slopes.

The boots come in a selection of three colours, we choose the Camel Brown/Slickrock Red pair, but you can also get them in a dark navy & black or a light khaki colour. The khaki would probably be the least suited to the wet snow conditions due to possible colour changes when wet.

Some pictures – Ballard Boot from Northface

We also like the height of the boot with the sole that would make sure that your jeans or pants won’t get wet in the snow.

The snow test

We did get to test them in the snow, and they worked perfectly. We had a steady footing as we ran through the snow today !

There are some issues that can happen with snow boots like, snow getting compacted in the soles, resulting in less grip and slipping; or when grit gets caught in the sole and you end up dragging a small quarry into your home. Thankfully neither of these annoying issues happened with the Ballard boots, and this get a 9/10 for us. Only really loosing 1 point for the price.

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  1. These look good and comfortable ! How do you rate the lacing up ? I’ve had issues with a lot of snow boots in the fact that they didn’t lace high enough, or they were just plain awkward.

    I like the shots with the snow !

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