Throw snowballs 45m

A very interesting gadget came via an email forward earlier today, it’s a special scoop like toy which supposedly allows you to throw snowballs up to 150′ or 45m. It’s modelled on the the basket from jai alai which is basically a curved holder, that can accelerate the snowball and send it great distances. The snow holder also has an icecream scoop like attachment, which allows you to compact the snow as you collect it, and helps to make it into a stable ball.

It costs $25 for two of these, from Hammacher and it promises to be a hit with kids big and old. The advantage of such a system is that you can get a good head start running away once you hit someone with one of these.

We are really impressed with the invention, which according to the shop description is capabale of

Providing an unexpected tactical advantage on the winter battlefield

Other snow throwing devices

In our reserach for this article we came across this patent for a “Sporting device for making and accurately throwing snowballs”. Which also looks interesting, but probably not as effective as the previous item.

But because there are a few patents on this subject, doesn’t mean there is a market for things like this 😉

Jai Alai Video

You might recognise Jai Alai which was featured Jackass where Johnny Knoxville and Stevo get hit by oranges at great speeds.

3 thoughts on “Throw snowballs 45m

  1. I don’t know what voting machines you’ve been looking at Stephen ! Still it would be great to have a snowball launcher.

  2. i think your missing my point, which is this is a useless product. Just like e voting machines the government got. Used once then left in the garage.

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