Tiroler Gröstl

Guide to eating on the slopes

Eating (and perhaps drinking) well is part and parcel of any skiing holiday. It’s important to eat properly, or at least eat enough when you are on a skiing holiday. Eating properly will insure that you have enough energy to stay on the slopes all day. On the slopes you’ll find plenty of places to eat, but you might not know what exactly is on offer. Most restaurants will serve carbohydrate loaded foods, like spagetti bolognese or pork schnitzel, and these are perfect for keeping you energised during the day.

If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry you’re not totally out of luck, but you might have a limited choice. One famous dish, is Käse spaetzle mit zwiebeln, which is egg noodles covered with cheese and onions.

Food on the slopes does tend to have gratuitous ammonts of meat or cheese on them, here’s a pizza we had in Leogang Austria.

Pizza in Austria

Pizza at Seidl-Alm

Our Favourite in Austria : Tiroler Gröstl

Tiroler Gröstl

Tiroler Gröstl at Seidl-Alm

Here is a great Austrian dish, Tiroler Gröstl. It used to be a way to use up the leftovers in Austrian families. Kind of like an Irish stew in ways. It consists of potatoes, pieces of ham, and and egg, all fried into each-other. Sometimes you’ll find some onions, and traditionally its served on a skillet, like in the picture.
This one pictured above is from the Seidl-Alm in Leogang / Hinterglemm resort in Austria (and so it the pizza).

Austrian Snack : Schinken Käse Toast

Another handy snack is Schinken Käse Toast, it’s basically it’s a toasted ham and cheese, you’ll find it on offer in most of huts on the mountains. In Austria they serve it with tomato sauce and possibly mayonaise or tartar sauce.

Schinken Käse Toast

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  1. Unfortunately, the problem with on-the-slopes nutrition is a little bit more complex. When I was a kid back in the days our main skiing food would be granny-made sandwiches – tasted great but try eating a sandwich after a number of crashes. yuk. Now you have more alternatives, however none of them is perfect. Basically, you need proper hydration plus some decent fuel for your body and soul. Enter ShredBar. Through a couple years long research we have created a perfect recipe for an energy bar dedicated to skiers and snowboarders. ShredBar is launching this summer, at ShredCamp 2011 summer camp in Les Deux Alpes. See you there?

  2. So when will we get some of these to taste ? 😉 So does the bar replace lunch ? Or is it more of a snack ?

  3. Paul, we’ll send you some lovely bars very soon. Stay tuned. And yes, it is a meal replacement kind of bar. Breakfast and 2 ShredBars will suffice for a day of serious shredding.

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