Improvements for an intermediate skier

Here are some tips for intermediate skiers who would like to bring their skiing to the next level. Ski school will bring you so far, but perhaps you’d like to try something before heading for some après ski. These tips are for people that can comfortably make it down all sorts of red slopes and can tackle some black slopes (slowly). Just a few minutes a day can really make a difference to your skiing technique and ultimately your fun on the slopes.

Trying longer skis

Generally the longer the pair skis the faster you’ll go. While longer skis are more difficult to ski on, especially when turning they will allow you to pick up speed. The longer the skis the less likely your skis will rumble or chatter through turns. These skis are suited to having a longer turing radius.

If you don’t want to out and buy a whole new set of skis you could rent a set for a day to see what the difference is like. By going 10-15cm longer you will see that turns take a little longer to complete, as you have to wait wait until the skis come through the turn after you. Perhaps our next tip will help you with the turns.

Holding turns better

Tightening you ab muscles as you move into the turn is one trick advanced and professional skiers use to maintain stability. You should turn to clench the muscle on the side you are turn into. It may feel a
little strange at first, but once you pick up speed this trick will ensure that your skis stay parallel in the turns. The effect of hitting bumps in turns is reduced, as your body will be more ridged and will be able to cut through the roughness. Now that you are going faster, the effect of chatter is increased, and the extra stability from this trick will help you stay stable on the piste. Of course this isn’t the only thing that will help you with your turns, check the next tip that many intermediate skiers fail to do properly.

Using your polls properly

Ski polls, sticks or stocks, are not only supposed to be used when picking yourself off the snow, or to help you click out of your ski bindings. They can be useful to propel yourself at the start of a run, or on a flat slope. As I’m sure you are aware, they also have an important purpose when you are turning. The technique is called poll planting, when you put the inside poll into the snow on the turn. Poll planting becomes an important aid when you are in more advanced snow conditions. For example, in powder conditions it can help you find a secure hold, or on shorter turns on steeper slopes you can plant your poll to add stability quickly. When on a mogul field, those slopes with all the bumps, using your polls will help you too. You can use the polls and your arms to adjust to the different relative heights of the slope.

You tell us !

If you have any tips for intermediate skiers you’d like to share, please leave a comment below !