What’s better than skiing ?

So you’ve tried snowboarding, you’ve tried skiing, you’ve even tried tobogganing, but you still can’t find a winter sport that is extreme (read dangerous) enough for you ? To take winter sports to the next level you can try going off-piste , heliskiing, remote skiing, but they are all a little or “main” stream for you right ? Here we are happy to be introducing the latest extreme winter sport , Windskiing. As the name suggests you use the wind to power yourself by having a paragliding kite , while wearing skis on your feet.

What is Windskiing

From the video below you will see that it’s possible to reach pretty high speeds, so it would be a good idea to attempt this above the tree line, (around 1800m). Wide slopes are necessary because of the larger turning circles when having a sail attached. We expect that this type of sport should only be attempted by an experience skier who has experience with paragliding, otherwise you are really just looking for a quick way to go to hospital.

As you are going significantly faster than on a slope you will want to make sure you are all wrapped up before you take off. Both your hands will be occupied flying the glider once you get going, so forget about chances of fixing your fogged up visor. Also a skiing helmet goes without saying.

Video of Windskiing

Also one strange benefits of windskiing is that you can power yourself back up the slopes with the wind when you are done ! So no need for a pricey lift ticket, but we’re guessing that there aren’t many resorts that will allow this. At the very least you will be able to power through those flat pieces of slope. Because of the fact that this can be both dangerous to you and other people on the slope, you will probably have find a remove skiing location, perhaps Scandinavia.
In some parts of the world it’s called Speedriding due to the fast nature of the sport. Being so fast it can be hard to react to obstacles like, trees.

Other wind winter sports

We’ve heard of in the past that there are people who use windsurfers on the snow, but this is generally only safe to attempt where the slopes are relatively flat. Having an accident on a windsurfer in water can be forgiving, as you can enter the water. When you are on snow there is no such soft cushion. It’s also necessary to modify the board somewhat to allow you to clip in snowboarding/skiing boots, and you will need to remove that fin (unless you are in some serious powder).