4 top skiing videos

Last week we asked on twitter for some suggestions of your favorite skiing videos and friendly Mr. Paul Gilpin (@paulgilpin) responded with some of his top videos. He is a big fan of the GoPro cameras, and below is 4 examples of people using them in a creative way. GoPro cameras are small, light and can be equipped with a whole host of different accessories. Thanks for the tips Paul !

Paul in Kitzbuhel

We are a big fan of the skiing in Austria, in fact we took the train to Kitzbuhel earlier this year, so we know just how cool this resort is. Paul was there earlier this year, dressed in his cool red and blue snowboarding gear. With him for the week was his brother and his trusty GoPro Hero HD camera attached to a long pole.

GoPro & Ginger Based Jumper

Again we have one of those GoPro cameras, this time it’s attached the helmet of Neil Amonson. Neil’s known for his BASE jumping, but this time he’s only little more subdued zooming though the trees and buckets of powered snow. This cool 100 second clip has Neil eating some serious amounts of snow.

Has to be seen to be believed

This video is probably one of our all time favorites, mostly because of the sheer craziness of the whole thing. No further comments are really necessary, just click the video and watch it in fullscreen mode !

GoPro to the power X

If money is now object then you probably should consider this type of a setup for filming your skiing adventures. This video features Jamie Pierre with a ton of cameras filming himself jumping off cliffs and looks like lots and lots of fun.

You can find us on twitter under @irishskiing, and Paul Gilpin under @paulgilpin. Have a great weekend ! And if you have any videos to suggest please do let us know !