10 Irish Ski companies

If you are are now starting to plan your 2012 ski holiday you may be at a loss as how to go about booking your ski trip. You can of course take the responsibility on yourself and organise everything, which often is easier than you think. All you need to do is find some cheap flights with Ryanair or Aerlingus, a method going from the airport to the resort, and of course some accommodation. This is fine if you are on a budget and / or you have a time on your hands. But if you don’t think you are up to this you can let a ski operator do this for you. For first time skiers we would really suggest that you use an operator, as they will remove the stress from what should be a really relaxing holiday in the snow.

Irish Ski Operators

Here is a list of Irish ski companies (in no particular order). We recommend you compare the prices of these companies as a lot of money can be saved by shopping around.

If we are missing some skiing operators please let us know in the comments below.

Joining a group

No one wants to ski alone, but if none of your friends are into it then you might have a hard time finding someone to go with. In the past there have been a few threads on our forum from people looking for skiing buddies. One further option is to join in with a larger group. For example the Ski Club of Ireland organises a trip every year, granted it’s mostly skier, but everything will be organised for you. And there is the famous Today FM Breakfast show ski trip with Topflight, where everything is organised including evening & morning entertainment.

Ski holiday check list

When pricing your skiing holiday remember to find out what is and isn’t included in the price. Some operators include the cost of the ski passes, and rentals, full board (breakfast & dinner), ski lessons, airport transfers. While others take the more minimalist approach to things and just the accommodation is covered. Finding this out before you book can save you some unexpected costs when you get to the resort. And before you hit the slopes remember to read our 10 things you should pack for skiing and what to wear skiing.

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