California wants to introduce ski helmet law

Like what we saw at Austrian ski resorts last year, a new bill in California would see all children under the age of 18 wearing skiing helmets. So far in the US this would be the first of its kind to restrict skiers and snowboarders to what they wear on California slopes. The bill also goes a step further requiring monthly reporting of accidents and deaths on the slopes.

Ski Helmet Law

While the general opinion is that it’s great for the industry, there are fears about how it will be enforced, and who will be responsible for making sure that kids are wearing helmets. Ski operators fear that they will be held responsible and ultimately liable for any such law.

image by frankJuarez

There are also fears that introducing such a bill could open the slopes up for legal proceedings in cases where people don’t wear helmets.

There has been some discussion on our skiing message board about helmets for kids and the overall view is that they should be obligatory. Also there are cases in the past where skiers with helmets have collided with people without them and have been said to have caused greater injuries. In most cases the person without the helmet will come off worse.

Our opinion on helmets is that it was one of the best investments in ski equipment ever. They replace the need for a hat, and on those icy days, one bang on the head can leave you with concussion, so best get yourself a helmet.