Getting in the mood

Here are a few of nice videos that have been sent into the email box. After watching them we are really starting to look forward to the 2010/2011 ski season, and we hope the make you feel the same way. If you have any links to videos feel free to pop them in our ski forum , or to drop us an email and we’ll share it with the masses.

First up we have Tosh Peters, skiing in Mt. Hood in the US. Check out some of his nice tricks and jumps. The video was taken during the close of the season, so hence the lack of snow, but it’s cool nonetheless.

The second video is from those great jacket manufacturers, North Face, in New Zealand last season. There are some spectacultar and awe inspiring views in the Mountains here.

P.S. we are always looking for bloggers who are interested in writing about topics related to skiing and snow, if you are interested do let us know !