Recommending Skiing Insurance

buying skiing insurance onlineIf you are heading to the slopes this year, you should stop and check if you have everything you should. Often people over look ski insurance and say things like “sure the E-111 form will cover me” or that they are unlikely to fall and hurt themselves. But it’s the sad fact that many people get injured, either by their own fault or by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they then end up having to pay some big medical bills.

If you have VHI or BUPA you may be covered by your medical insurance, but it is best to check if they cover winter sports, before you find yourself needing it. The E-111 will cover emergency care, and won’t take care of the bills for physio or further treatment once you are no longer an emergency case.

Skiing Injury Statistics

We’ve done a bit of reading on some medical journals [1] [2] and have come up with some frightening statistics::

  • Males are up to 4 times more likely to get injured in a skiing accident and 7 times more likely to get in a snowboarding accident. So guys you should be the first in line to get some skiing insurance.
  • Skiing incidents tend to be more severe.
  • A high percentage of snowboard injuries are from heights (29%) .
  • In the year 2000 there was an estimated 160,000 skiing and snowboarding related trauma incidents brought to US hospitals.
  • An estimated 15 thousand mountain rescues were preformed in 2007 in Europe.

From these medical journals [1], we have some statistics as to what part of your body you are mostly to injure

Type Skiing Snowboarding
Head 38.5% 28.6%
Spine 20.5% 28.6%
Thorax (ribs and vertebrae) 23.1% 26.2%
Extremity(arms and legs) 17.9% 16.7%

Recommended Skii Insurance Ireland

For Skiing Insurance we recommend, Essential Travel. We have used them in the past, and found them very helpful (thankfully we have never had to claim). They cover includes ::

  • Wintersports , 24 Hour Emergency Assistance, Medical Expenses, Personal Injury, Cancellation, Curtailment, Legal Expenses, Baggage, Personal Valuables, Loss of Passport

As for prices they are very reasonable, 1 week Europe will cost €19.84 and annual ski insurance costs €28.46 upwards. Their company motto is “We cut the cost not the cover.”

To get your online quote, you can click here (

recommended skiing insurance

Things you can do to avoid injury

Most of this is common sense, but having the right equipment and staying on the right slopes for your level will reduce your risk. We recommend that you invest in the following equipment:

  • Wrist protectors: especially for snowboarders, who are more likely to land on their wrists.
  • Helmet: many ski rental companies offer free helmets for kids, but it is also something that adults should consider.

When you are skiing you should keep the following ideas in mind

  • Merging on the slopes : remember to look up the slope, and make sure
  • Stick to slopes that you can confidently do, i.e. don’t try blacks slopes when you know you can’t do them.
  • Avoid stopping in the middle of the slope. Snowboard tend to stop and sit in places they shouldn’t. You should also be aware of this while skiing

And if all else fails, make sure you are insured for skiing !

[1] Skiing, Snowboarding, and Sledding Injuries in a Northwestern State
[2] Number of alpine rescues

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    If I already have Winter sport travel insurance is there anything to be gained by buying the additional insurance on offer at the ski station when buying my lift pass ?

  3. Hi Greg, it probably just gives you extra cover say if you need to get a helicopter off the mountain. But it’s hard to say without knowing more about the policies. I guess you have to read both carefully !

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