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where to go for the best apres ski

Again and again people ask us here at about what resorts have the best night life and good aprés ski. One important part of a skiing holiday for many skiers is the party afterwards. With a mixture of bad pop music (have you ever heard Austrian pop ?) and traditional songs mixed in with some beer or stronger beverages, results in a great party atmosphere.

For many skiers and snowboarders, picking where to go on a snow holiday is all about the quality of their aprés-ski. Once the day on the slopes is done, it’s time to hit the sun deck and grab a few beers to help the muscles relax. Of course for some this partying continues well into the early hours of the morning.

Best Aprés Ski Resorts

Here is top 10 lively ski resorts for 2008/2009:

  1. St Anton, Austria
  2. Chamonix, France
  3. Kitzbühel, Austria
  4. Sauze d’Oulx, Italy
  5. Soldeu, Andorra
  6. Verbier, Switzerland
  7. Aspen, Colorado
  8. Meribel, France
  9. Pas De La Casa, Andorra
  10. Val D’Isere, France

The target audience of these resorts is the 18-30 age group, or the younger at heart people. While it is possible to go to these places and not party like an animal, you will at least have the opportunity to do so.

Aprés-Ski Tips

For some it’s important what they wear skiing, and for others it’s how hard they party. For those of you who want to take aprés ski to the next level here are a few tips that will insure you have a good time.

  1. Fashion, after a day on the slopes, you may want to have a change of clothes. Somes skiers will hit the bar right after the last run of the day, but remember that all those insulating layers, ski pants and equipment are unnecessary. A vest and a fleece should be enough to wear. So do remember to pack some of them.
  2. Footwear : You don’t want to party all night in your ski boots, these things are simply not designed for all day wear. Bring a pair of boots/shoes with you.
  3. Accessories : Leave your goggle, and other unnecessary accessories at home (helmets/ski masks). It’s one less thing to remember !
  4. Camera : don’t forget to bring something to capture your great night out.
  5. Water : remember once you finish for the night, remember to drink some water. This will help you avoid a hangover and a hard day on the slopes.
  6. Alarmclock, remember to set it so that you don’t missing your skiing instruction the next morning.
  7. Drugs, not the illegal type, have them handy for the morning, just incase you feel you need something to relieve that splitting headache.

If you feel like this all sounds too much for you, then check out our quiet ski resorts list.

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