Powder of the week 10/12/2012

The snow is coming down on the Alps in buckets, and I am excited that there has been so much snow already in December. I hope this means that there this year there will be plenty of snow and that the snow Gods will deliver it to us often. This week we have some pictures to do with snow, first is an amazing snowman and then we have a picture of a snow bike.

Lego Snowman

This looks like it would be great fun, but probably pretty difficult to ski. I guess you could use your feet for extra steering when you are zooming down the slope.

Snow bike

Powder of the week

A helmet view of something starting out so good, but sadly not finishing so great

Snow read

There is a great article from the New York Times about how to ski all year long. This article tells you where and when to ski in these 15 countries : Canada, Morocco, South Korea, Japan, United States, France, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, Chile and China.