The ski season is here – video

Christmas skiing this year in the Alps was a bit of a disappointment, this was due the the lack of fresh snow and the prevalence of rain in some resorts. There wasn’t much fresh powder to keep people happy over the year end break. Some of the higher resorts did have good conditions, but on the whole it was a bit of a blow out. Because the 2012-2013 season had started off so well, this bad weather was some what of a surprise. There was significant snow dumps from the start of November, but by New Years this was all but melted away.
Fast-forwarding to last week, we were in Skiwelt, where there was only a few centimeters of snow in the car park, and the rain was coming down heavily. The car park at Soll is about 660m high, and the first slope, starts at 1,500m, so we decided to press on and see what we could salvage from our day trip. Thankfully we were surprised, while visibility was poor, there was a solid, heavy 20+cm of new snow of the slopes. It was really a day for the snowboarders, as the piste was pretty chopped up, and was already starting to fill with light moguls. The snow was heavy, which makes for hard work on a snowboard, and almost impossible for skiers to go at pace, but in the end it was worth it.

Checking the weather for this week, we can see that towards the end of the week there should significant snows again, upwards of 30+cm, in most resort in the Alps.
So, with this video we would like to declare the season well and truly under way !

Next weekend we are off to Austria (Stubai & Patscherkofel (the site of the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics) again, to enjoy some of this fresh powder.

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