Fighting the aprés ski hangover

Aprés ski and hangovers go hand in hand during a week of skiing. Partying after the slopes is an important party of many people’s week in the snow, but sometimes you need to have a strategy for how you are going to deal with the effects of your night partying.

The science bit : Hangovers are caused by toxic chemicals, known as congeners. Congeners are produced in process of fermentation of alcoholic drinks. A general tip is that the less cloudy the drink is the less congeners it will contain.

Avoiding the aprés ski hangover

Here are our top 10 tips for avoiding being a mess every morning of your winter holiday:

  1. Make sure you are pre-hydrated : during the day you should aim to drink around 3 litres of water. The headache part of a hangover is attributed mostly to your brain being dehydrated.
  2. Have a good base :  before you start to party, have a bite to eat. Having your stomach lined will make sure you will be able to drink more without feeling the effect
  3. Stick to one drink : Mixing drinks is a big no-no. Cocktails or changing between drinks  during the night should be avoided.
  4. Chose your drink wisely : Vodka is one of the purest of alcohols with little or no chemicals in it. This generally leads to less problems. Alternatively German beers tend to be brewed with the purity laws, which state that they use only natural ingredients.
  5. Take extra vitamins : to insure you are healthy, and avoid nasty colds you should take Vitamin C & B or multi-vitamin supplements. Vitamins also help to remove the alcohol from your system.
  6. Avoid caffeine : Drinks like vodka and Redbull contain lots of sugars and sweatners as well as caffeine. These won’t help your headache in the morning, and they may delay you getting to sleep later on.
  7. Avoid drinks with high levels of congeners : Drinks like rum, brandy, port and whiskey contain higher levels of congeners than others alcoholic drinks. These drinks are more likely to induce hangovers.
  8. Make sure you are post-hydrated : before you go to bed, after your aprés ski, try to remember to have a glass ot two of water before you go to sleep.
  9. Get rested : Do remember to get some sleep !
  10. Finally : actually there is no point number 10, just go out and have a great time. 😀

We hoped you liked our tips on how to avoid hangovers, if you have any yourself please leave a comment and let us know !