Is skiing a good family holiday ?

When talking to families who are either non-skiers or basic level skiers we hear that when they think of skiing holidays a stressful picture comes to mind. They think that a ski holiday is just too much hassle and it won’t be as relaxing as a ‘normal’ holiday. But it doesn’t need to be this way, a skiing holiday, when planned right can be every bit as relaxing as a holiday on the beach.

Generally people tend to organise their holiday in a haphazard way, and the result is a holiday that will only induce stress. Here are our 6 tips on how you can eliminate that stress from your ski holiday, and enjoy it for what it really is.

1) Proper Ski Equipment

Before you go, make sure you have adequate dry and water proof ski equipment with you. Things like waterproof gloves, warm / comfortable socks, and ski goggles will make your day much more comfortable. And don’t forget to get a child ski helmet, many resorts require that child wear them !

2) Winter holiday location

To ensure you arrive at the resort stress free, you should try your best to pick a resort that has a short airport transfer time. Your first day of travel will be hectic enough and you should try to  minimise the time your young ones will have travelling.

3) Plan with younger children

If some of your children are still too young to ski, then plan your childcare in advance. This might involve bringing along a grandmother or a family friend who will look after the child while you and the other children are on the slopes. If this is not possible, make sure you pick a resort with proper childcare facilities. Also you should factor this into your costs when you are going skiing

family-holiday4) Plan your ski lessons

Where possible try to get your kids into as small a class as possible.  Typically what happens is that ski school runs from 9:30am until lunch time around 12:30pm , and then in the afternoon the children have time to practise what they have learned with their parents. Also consider the possibility of getting a private class or two together so you all can learn together.

5) Introduce your kids to skiing early

This point has two sides. If you are planning on going skiing regularly we recommend that you aim to start your kids off skiing as soon as they can walk. Children from the age of 4 or 5 are certainly ready to learn how to ski. It also a good idea to bring your kids to either Kilternan Ski Club or the Sandyford Ski Centre. Show your kids what a day skiing involves, and give them an extra advantage of some practise when they do start their skiing lessons.

6) Finally relax

And don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself. If your kids are not taking to the snow straight away, don’t push them. Give them their time, and let them build snowmen, and maybe next year they will be whizzing down the slopes past you.

When planning a family ski holiday think of the holiday first, and worry about the skiing secondly. If you follow these tips you will have a great family holiday.