Outdoors Ireland Relaunched

With all the news of the general election coming in March, and the state of the Irish economy, we needed to find some happy news this Friday. So a few minutes ago there was a nice bit of news on twitter today, from Outdoors Ireland (www.outdoorsireland.com) that they have launched their new website.

Outdoors Ireland, located in Beaufort, Co. Kerry, organises mountain skiils training courses, kayaking, team building events and adventure breaks. We know our readers are of the more adventurous persuasion so this might be of interest to a few people.
You can follow them on twitter under @OutdoorsIreland , and of course we are there too, under @IrishSkiing

2 thoughts on “Outdoors Ireland Relaunched

  1. Hi Paul, Just stumbled across your blog post this morning on Google Alerts. Thanks a million for the blog about our new website; I really appreciate it! Hope you’re getting some good snow…

  2. Your Welcome Nathan, Google alerts to the rescue 😉

    Best of luck with your business. Currently there is lots of snow falling in the Alps so no complaints !

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