2 Cool Skiiing videos

The season may be over, but we can relive it by watching videos. Here are two videos we came across this week that we particularly enjoyed. If you have any videos you would like to share, please get in touch, we would love to share them with our readers, especially if they are as unique as the videos below.

Tilt Shift Video

Here is a tilt shift video from Jackson Hole resort. Watching this we feel like we are a giant, looking over the ski resort.

Because of the photo technique called tilt shift, we get the impression that the scenery is in a miniature setting. The video also has a stop motion effect going on, so it looks like the skiers are just little dolls being animated. It’s well worth a watch.

Urban Skiing in Finland

This is a video of some cool Finnish teenagers who are into Urban Skiing. We’ve linked to their 3rd video here, but the other two are available on their vimeo page. Here the perform some pretty cool skiing tricks, like running and jumping into their bindings to get their speed up. I guess it’s better than using polls ! The skiing -> skateboarding -> skiing trick is also one worth watching.

Have a nice weekend !