3 Backpacks for skiing

Since I’ve started skiing I’ve developed my own way of dealing with carrying things with me through out the day. As a snowboarder I don’t like carrying things in my jacket or pants pockets. On a deep powder day, you know you will simply forget to zip one up after you are done with it. And the result at the end of the day will be a pocket full of snow, or water if you are unlucky. Having a backpack is the way to go, to carry your sunscreen, food, water, extra layers, scarf etc.

My first time snowboarding, I thought it would be a good idea to bring a big heavy wool jumper with me. My reasoning was that it’s bloody cold up there on the mountain. After about 15 minutes struggling on the slopes I was too warm and needed to shed the big sheep that was under my jacket. Not having a backpack, the only options were to throw away my jumper or tie it around my waist. As most snowboarders will know, your first few days are basically spent on your backside. My jumper was a frozen mess of ice and wool by the end of the day. The next time out I brought a backpack with me !

Here are are some of the backpacks we currently love. Two are full backpacks, and one is a hydration-pack, where you can put in a water bladder to get some cool water during your day skiing.

Metalhead Pack by Burton

The Metalhead Pack retails for about €55, and comes jam packed with features. We especially like the fact that there is padded pocket for your laptop. Not that you would take your laptop out on the slopes, but it’s handy to be able to store your laptop in the backpack when you are travelling to the resort. It also sports skate straps where you can strap your snowboard easily on your back when you are doing a bit of off piste trekking. The Metalhead Pack holds 28L and should have enough space for all you will need for a day on the slopes.

Women’s Borealis Backpack by The Northface

The Women’s Borealis Backpack is not just another backpack that comes in girlie colours. Rather it’s specifically designed for a women’s frame in mind. We like that it has an extra strap that goes around your waist to bring the back a little closer to your back. Further straps are available to compress the backpack in a little when the bag isn’t fully loaded. On the side it has a mesh pocket for keeping things like a water bottle easily on hand. It also features a laptop area, that can fit laptops up to 15″ and a pass through hole for your hydration packs. The Borealis Backpack retails for about €75, which is a little on the steep side. Knowing the quality of items that The Northface produce this is a backpack that will last you many years and is possibly worth that extra investment. The Borealis Backpack holds 27L.

XT Advance Skin 5 S lab set by Salomon

The XT Advance Skin 5 S lab is perfect for those that that all you know you will need with you is water & sunscreen. This product contains a “bladder” of 5 litres where you can bring water with you to keep you hydrated during the day. The backpack is insulated to keep the water from freezing while you are out carving up the slopes. We really loved the fact that this had plenty of little pockets for storing power bars or electronics. This backpack retails for about €125, and may be more a specialist item. Similar items retail for about 1/2 this price, but probably don’t have as many features. Check out the video below for a review of the XT Advance Skin 5 S lab.

So there you have a few ideas for backpacks. Do you wear a backpack for skiing ? What type to you have ? Are there any features that you particularly love or hate, let us know !