Skiing in 2008

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We will try to give you some ideas of what are the best offers in your search for the snow in 2008. If you have any hot tips or news on deals that might be of interest to our readers either contact us or add it in the comments section (if you are a company and want to advertise , you should use the contact form too).After last years ski season we are really hoping that 2008 will be a great one, with lots of snow and great conditions. Some of the glaciers in Austria already have 80cm of snow, so if this is anything to go by we will be ready for season start in December.

skiing in bulgaria
Borovets Bulgaria

Alternative Skiing Resorts

In the past few years resorts in Bulgaria have been becoming more and more popular. It is about a 3.5 hour flight from Dublin, and many ski operators have started to offer packages to resorts like Borovets. Borovets is about 70km (90 minutes) from the capital Sofia, and was the location twice for the Apine Skiing World Cup. It boasts an excellent ski school and is very popular with beginners. It mainly attracts budget conscious skiers. A ski pass is about €130 for up to 6 days of skiing.

Pas de la Casa

Pas de la Casa remains one of the favourite locations for Irish and British skiers, which is located in Andorra. It offers duty free shopping and because it is so far south (in fact the most southerly resort in Europe) you can easily ski until 6pm in the evening, where as many Austria & Swiss resorts finish around 4:30pm. Pas de la Casa (the pass of the house) can be reached via flights to Toulouse or Barcelona, and is 2,400m high above sea level. It lies on the border with France side of the Pyrenees. A ski pass costs just under €200 for the week and allows you access to 67 ski lifts and almost 200km of pristine slopes.

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  1. This year promises to be exciting for skiing in Vermont. Killington Ski Resort has over 200 tails to try out. It is going to be exciting. I have never been there before and I can’t wait to try the slopes.

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